Sunday, 9 December 2012

A Whiter Shade of Pale

The painting above of a musician busking sold this week. I have mentioned before my interaction with a cello. That is probably why the scene appealed to me. As an 11 year old I was given the cello to learn at school. Not a major problem you drag a bow across the strings and move the fingers on your left hand. No the issue for me was I had to carry the thing 2 miles home and back whilst being chased by the less musically inclined lads of Aston which was quite a rough area at the time. I guess anyone carrying a cello around was asking for it to be honest. No it was a short lived love affair with classical music.
Anyway I did a bit of painting today. Not really what I had in mind I ended up painting the walls of the hall and stairs. The colour is described as timeless, in other words white with a bit of something. Alex is always reluctant or sceptical about me doing any decorating in the house. I suppose to be fair I do get bored and lose concentration after a while. To be safe I put down dust sheets, put on overalls and set to work while she went out. I was quite careful as we have a lovely dark carpet so the dust sheets were dragged along to cover it all. At the end I was quite pleased. It wasn't until I lifted the dust sheets I found that a good dollop of paint had got on the corner of a dust sheet and had been ceremoniously been dragged along the carpet leaving a snail lie trail of paint!
Fortunately Alex was still out and I managed to scrub it and clean it up pretty well.
When she got back Jac hid in the kitchen. I was relieved when she inspected the work and only said, "Have you cleaned the brush and roller?"
"Yes, Why?"
"You have missed a bit there."
No problem I was pleased to get off that lightly. A close shave
Back to the exhibition tomorrow.

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