Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Destroyer ~ Milford Haven

I cleared out my studio this week, ( its not that big and I like to keep it tidy).  I had dozens of old sketchbooks and had a quick flick through them before assigning them to the bin collectors. One sketch that caught my eye was this one of a destroyer in Milford Haven off the Oil Refinery. I recall I had been working in the area and took my lunch break overlooking the Haven with sketchbook in hand. This must have been late 1980's? I believe the destroyer may have been used to tow targets at this time. I am not sure if I ever did a full painting but you can see my notations on the sketch. There had been a Naval Dockyard in the Haven and an armaments facility for many years.  My family worked in the Naval Dockyards until the 1900's.  Unfortunately The Royal Navy closed the dockyard and left the Haven in 2008.

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