Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Surfing Llangenith Beach

Today I walked the dog, had a good work out at the gym and then finished the painting above.  After that  I set about putting a landline in to my studio. It has been a pain for years but I have never got around to sorting it out. I either didn't hear calls or by the time I had stopped painting, walked downstairs the phone had stopped. So it was a job long overdue not that I am the worlds greatest conversationalist on the phone as my daughters will tell you.
It reminds me of when I had just joined the police in ...well. Anyway I was tasked with taking over the sub division switchboard. It shouldn't have been a problem well not if you are used to yards of wires and plugs. I had about one minutes instruction and left to it. Dropped in the deep end, a familiar term in the police. Little flaps would wave at you meaning either they wanted a phone line and you had to answer it and ring a number putting a plug and cable in the socket and then pull it out when the line was dead. Anyway I am sure you have all seen the pictures of telephonists at the exchange  in the 60's and get the picture. Well my first mistake was to cut off the Superintendent who was probably on to a lodge mate or the golf club. In any case I suffered some verbal abuse. We later became close friends, right  in pigs eye we did. He told me I had not made enough arrests in the preceding 3 months. I explained he had put me on security duties for 3 months and I hadn't left the station. Logically a good argument I thought  but it didn't wash with him. I was never asked to operate that switch board again and I was moved to another division shortly after where I actually got on well with my supervisors.
Tomorrow I hope to start a new painting but now I have to pick up two grandchildren from school and go to Tescos.!

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