Monday, 17 December 2012

Surfs Up ~ David Hockney

The painting above was finished today. Takes me back to the time I was a beach bum surfing and hanging out on Malibu Beach, well no not really but you can dream can't you. The closest I have got to Malibu is ordering one for Alex. This was actually Llangenith Beach on a good day.

I didn't realise until I had finished it that it was quite reminiscent of David Hockney in the 60's "Splash" and all that.

Well I know his works are a lot flatter, I believe he used to use masking tape and a roller. Anyway I used orange and blue two complimentary colours to get the effect I wanted (actually Burnt Sienna and French Ultramarine along with lamp black to get the local colour and there it is.

Alex and I popped in to our sons last night for mulled wine and a mince pie. The wine was mulling on the stove as we were greeted and we overheard the conversation between our son and daughter in law.
It went like this.
"Moira turn the wine down to two will you."
"Its already on two."
"Well I can hear it boiling turn it down to one."
"Its already on one."
Two seconds later,"What do you mean its not on one its on eight?"
Alex lifted her eyes at me and we both laughed. The wine was very good.


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