Sunday, 2 December 2012

Breakfast with Catrin Finch

As I have mentioned alex has been away so I have been left to fend for myself. I have my own way of dealing with domestic chores, basically keep it simple.
Anyway this morning I was up at 6.15am and got the washing on. I don't know why manufacturers put all these programs on washing machines you cant read them without glasses and what do they mean anyway. I put everything in and turn the dial until it starts making a noise. It pretty well always works although occasionally Alex's whites come out grey or pink. (Then I just hide them in the bottom of the ironing pile and deny all knowledge).

I did the washing up. As I only use one mug, one knife , fork,  one spoon, one bowl and one saucepan that doesn't take long. Then a good walk with Jac through the woods under the moon. You couldn't see the town or any lights in the valley this morning it was covered in mist. I could just make out the red light over Police Headquarters. I was never sure that was about them using that colour.

Next Jac and I had breakfast with Catrin Finch well not literally we listened to "Crossing the Stone" while eating our porridge. Jac likes to sit looking out the window at the birds feeding off the bird table. This morning a real brazen hen blackbird was fighting all comers for the rights of ownership of the table.I like to doodle pics of the birds over breakfast as above.
Today I am in Origin so off now for a walk to town.

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