Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Towy Valley across to the Black Mountains

The above watercolour of Merlins Hill Towy Valley sold this week. A spectacular view one of my favourite spots overlooking the Towy Valley looking across East to the Black Mountains.

This morning was, I am running out of words "inspiring" maybe? A hard frost on the ground and the sunrise coming up over the ridge and to top it a crescent moon with Venus holding its hand.
Last day of the Exhibition today. I have met some lovely people and had genuine compliments but I will be glad to get back in my studio to paint. I must also update my website. To be fair although I have been tardy there is an issue with the software that is not compliant with Windows 7 on my computer, I know mumbo jumbo (i.e. it doesn't work and I cant update it). I think I have the answer and must set aside time to do it.

So a busy day, we have the exhibition, the grandchildren this afternoon and start taking down the work tonight, before I have a meeting in Origin.

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