Friday, 24 August 2012

Yin and Yang or Bill and Ben

Here is a smaller version of a previous painting I did of a Sunderland Short. It has a second flying boat coming in behind. This painting is sold.
There is much talk about balance, for every Bill there is a Ben. Yesterday was a bit of a three things go wrong day. Problem with the bank, problem with a purchase and problem with an order and the phone not working, sorry that's four.  That was the Yin day.
Today was a better day. A Yang day. I tried to ring the bank and waited 30 minutes talking to a very confused lad in a call centre somewhere. I gave up walked in to Town and spoke to someone in the local bank, sorted it out there and then. Got a refund on the purchase and also the order was sorted. The phone may also be working....!!!! (a bit too soon to tell yet).
I went to the gym,walked the dog and finished a painting for an exhibition in Cardiff. Oh and Welcome home Norma.

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