Thursday, 23 August 2012

Dryslwyn Castle and River Towy

I finished the painting of Dryslwyn Castle on the River Towy this week. A large painting nearly 4ft by 2ft framed. Not shown in its best light here as I still haven't mastered Pixia. ( I might have to upgrade to photoshop 10). Anyway I was quite pleased with the final painting even a small kite in the distance.
I took on another commission yesterday although I am not quite sure how I am  getting them all done and am out seeing about another one this morning.
If I say it will be done it will be. I have always said there are only 2 categories of person in the world reliable and unreliable. I would rather deal with someone who do their best and is reliable than someone who is very good  at what they do but unreliable.
 Speaking of which guess what BT still haven't fixed our phone. I was told they would be digging new holes yesterday and phone fixed by Friday. Of course no new holes and phone still not working.

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