Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Red Barn Pembrey

For some reason I can only upload images in html to my blog. Anyway I am back in business it doesn't do to worry about things that you don't understand or can't do anything about.

I had a clear out last week every so often I go through my work.  Generally 85% of my paintings will sell within 18 months to 2 years provided they have been on show. Many paintings never make it to the public particularly watercolours. They tend to be filed for a while. I paint so much it would be impracticable to frame and show everything. About ten framed paintings were destroyed on this occasion.
When I have a clear out I ask Alex's opinion. I nearly always go along with her view as mine is hardly impartial. The one painting that has escaped several clear outs is that above. It is of the red barn Pembrey.
It has never been framed and sits amongst a pile of paintings in my studio.
Alex is not at all keen and I guess one day I will go along with her. I like the painting and have rescued it again.
Its not actually called the Red Barn but that's what I call the painting. I think its a bit of Steinbeck influence who I read avidly as a boy.

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