Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Trefgarne, Preseli's.

The painting above is of Treffgarne in Winter. Not to be confused with Trefgarne which can be a road in Libya or a Lord in the Houses of Parliament. I once sat in the House of Lords, (I had a tour around although I think it was supposed to be out of bounds). Treffgarne is an area in the Preseli's. There are a number of rocky outcrops which make for an interesting landscape. A bit Wuthering Heights.
Alex and I have spent a few weeks in the area in winter for a break over the last couple of years. So hence the painting above.
On the last occasion we were chased by horses crossing a field. Not something to relish particularly with Alex screaming in my ear. I had to really work hard to break her hold on my wrist so I could get away. Anyway we both survived.
Today I have been painting and this afternoon we are delivering a picture.
I hope you have a good day on Saturday Pat. Weather looks a bit "iffy", but I'm sure it will be a great day for all.

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