Friday, 17 August 2012

Carmarthen and Paul Sandby

The watercolour above shows a different treatment for the subject posted yesterday. It is fortunately inevitable that artists in the main will use their own "style" within their works and some artists including myself have varying ways/styles of painting according to the way they see the subject at the time.
I would refer you to the painting by Paul Sandby of Carmarthen Castle link below. I wont copy and paste it for fear of upsetting the Tate who apparently own the copyright.
It is interesting for me as it shows the castle as it might have been from the Spilman Street end and also shows the way watercolours have developed from topography. Paul Sandby was employed  initially as a map maker and as such was concerned with accuracy so I think we can assume the picture to be reasonably accurate. It certainly fits in with what is currently present. He is not to be confused with Paul Sanby Munn his godson who travelled with John Sell Cotman. Together they painted many views including those similar to me of Barnard Castle.
At the time artists generally did their sketches outdoors and completed their paintings at home.
Today I am stewarding in the Origin Gallery.  Alex has nearly finished the accounts and is close to smiling again.

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