Saturday, 11 August 2012

Coracle man

The painting of the coracle man sold today. Sorry to see him go as he was a bit of a character.
I have been helping Alex with a large frame this morning then getting on with a commission. managed to fit the gym in there too.
I saw a program on justice the other week and it reminded me of a policeman I used to know who unfortunately is no longer with us. He wasn't great on paperwork but he was very effective. His alleged method for dealing with boy racers as they were then, bombing around the local town in their Ford Escorts and Mini's was  perhaps unconventional and maybe fractured the odd regulation. He would issue an on the spot verbal disqualification. The offending driver would agree not to drive their car for example say a week or not at weekends if they had to use it to get to work. Being a small town it would be easy to monitor and you would not want to be caught defying the officer. It apparently worked very well and those young drivers learnt quickly to behave in a responsible manner.
That kind of initiative now would lead to a whole host of problems. Different times, different attitudes.

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