Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Laugharne ~ Bootstraps

The painting above of Laugharne is a large painting app. 4ft x 2.5ft. I have just finished it and it was meant to be the centre piece for the next exhibition. It has however sold. I am going to prepare a new board today to set about a new centre piece.
Last night I watched Take me home. (Not to be confused with  Take me home tonight).
Take me home is an Indie film with a simple story, a lady asks a taxi driver to drive her to California from New York. A road trip movie across USA. It was beautifully done, a bitter sweet script, stunning photography and brilliant music. Now I am sure anyone else watching it will be non-plussed and think I have lost it. I like simple and if it done perfectly what can be better. The music was by a band called "Bootstraps".
I had never heard of them before but they really caught my attention. I now have a couple of their songs on my ipod along with Percy Faith, Lulu, Bruce Hornsby, Doors, Savoy Brown, Jefferson get the picture.
Anyway if you haven't heard them or seen the film give it a go.

Link to Bootstraps and Take me Home

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