Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Mr Crabtree goes fishing ~ A lock on the Brecon canal.

The painting above is of a lock on the Brecon canal. It is a larger version of a painting I sold earlier this year.
It is also the inspiration of my grandsons effort last week.
I have mentioned before, as a young boy I spent a deal of time travelling on the canals at a time when they were overgrown and had few boats on them. My brother and I spent time fishing with home made rods, floats and tackle. Our favourite books were a series called, "Mr Crabtree goes Fishing," and Other books by Bernard Venables.   Wonderfully written, old fashioned books featuring Mr Cherry and Jim and Tim. I include a snippet from," Mr Cherry introduces Jim to the splendid perch." Ah, nostalgia.

On one occasion I fell in a lock and was only saved by my father's efforts with a boat hook.
Anyway the point about this painting is the contrast of light and shade and the reflection in the water or it's just a nice scene.

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