Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Future in the balance

I did the painting of Cadair Idris last week. It is a view from the west.
The thing about having a big family and we have a big family is that there is always something going on, birthdays, christenings....So we are always busy.
Yesterday I walked the dog early went to the gym and had half an hour to start a painting before we went off to Clevedon to take our daughter out for her birthday. A long but pleasurable day despite Jac going visiting across gardens in Clevedon having found a hole in the fence. The grandson who is three informed us that, "It was a rather splendid sunset." Talking like that where I grew up would earn you a good beating in fact you didn't have to talk like that to get a good beating anyway. I am not sure which side of the family he gets it from. He obviously has a great future in front of him.Oxbridge perhaps?  I went to Oxford but it was only for the day.
Talking of the future that may be in the balance with me at the moment. I have been looking after another 6yr old grandson while Alex is out shopping with another granddaughter. I was letting him mix different oil paints to find what colours they made. We became a bit engrossed and I failed to notice that the majority of the oil paint was going on his arms and clothes!
I could just blame him. Oh well I suppose I'll man up.

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