Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Snake Oil salesmen

The painting above is of a flower girl in Cueta, Spanish Morroco.   We called in briefly whilst  on a cruise a couple of years back.
I am quite a tolerant man really although Alex says I am an old curmudgeon. I do get annoyed when people try to take advantage of you. On  one cruise Alex went to some sort of keep fit class every day. That was fine but at the end of it she was invited to have a personal assessment and program for her to take away. Now there is not much wrong with Alex she is fit and excercises regulalry.
I decided to go with her to see the instructor for this assessment. Now immediately I turned up there was an issue. Why was I there? I could see from the start the instructor and I were not going to become bosom pals.
The bottom line was he wanted to hard sell a program of very overpriced "supplements " to rectify all Alex's "deficiencies".Yeh right. He was not very pleasant about it either. I asked simple questions about how he was testing for these "deficiencies" and why she needed them and his qualifications. Eventually Alex and I left leaving him without the sale and in very poor humour. I was tempted to complain to the cruise operator but let it go. However, we did warn other class members of the true purpose of the assessment.
Needless to say I don't go for snake oil salesmen in a big way now.
Finished one painting today and Alex is still buried in paperwork.

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