Sunday, 21 November 2010


Well here we are again. We spent the last week in Moreton-in-Marsh. The vignette above is of the Redesdale Hall in the centre of Moreton. The hall is not that old (1887) but is eye catching. A vignette in painting is where the focus is concentrated on a definite object and there is a fading away from the subject. In essence an incomplete painting although this may not detract from the painting itself. I hope that is clear? Anyway I managed a couple of little vignettes while away. It was actually either a bit cold or wet for painting outside.

I did read a book a day and have some good walks. The Cotswolds are lovely for a visit. However the last time I was there was when my father took us in an old Lanchester like the one below, and we had a picnic near Snowshill. The car was pretty ancient then. That was probably 50years ago.
Today its back to work and I painted a watercolour commission. Alex is very busy framing and printing. I have primed some boards and tomorrow I intend to do an oil and fit in the dentist!