Thursday, 11 November 2010


Well quite a day and not yet over. I started off at 8 am going to Towy Works a genuine old style ironmongers and builders merchant's to get a new valve for the header tank in the loft. I have actually painted the building and it also plays a cameo in some of my paintings as it is adjacent to the quay and Carmarthen Bridge. Anyway I finally got the tank and valve dismantled after a lot of problems and fitted the new valve only to drop a fibre connecting washer. There must be a black hole up there because it never re-appeared. I put it back together with the old washer (not a good idea) and of course it leaked.
I gave up at that point and settled down to doing the painting above. The colours aren't quite right in the image because it was going dark when I took the photo. The painting is of horses on Druidstone Beach.
Alex is in town at the moment delivering posters, tickets, and also getting me a new washer!
When she returns I will hopefully finish the job and turn the water back on. That will be nice because at the moment I am itching from the rock wool insulation out of the loft.
A shower beckons.

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