Thursday, 25 November 2010

Christmas Turkey and Ashes

The painting above is an oil of Llansteffan and was sold today. I was pleased because it is going to a very nice person who I have known for a good many years.
Today I didn't get the chance to do any painting although Alex managed to frame a couple of paintings. I spent some time last night and this morning sorting out the computer. It is very important to the business. Mainly to have a web presence which does bring in work and for e-mails. Most importantly our records and business information is also on it.
I thought we had a virus despite comprehensive security protection. However it turned out to be software malfunctioning. The printer though is now dead and has been superceded by a new one.
Fortunately it was only our small printer as the large one is fine (touch wood).
We went to Crosshands to order Christmas turkey etc this afternoon and strangely the sky was very close to the one I had painted yesterday. There were brown and blue greys with a yellow tint and a snow flurry in the middle of it.
Tomorrow I am not sure yet what I am doing but I am sure it won't be a day of watching cricket. ( To tell the truth I was up early this morning to catch a bit of the Ashes!).

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