Tuesday, 9 November 2010


I rarely paint birds but a trip to the Black Mountains ensured I must include these magnificent birds in a painting. I fiinished this painting today. I then went on to do a small painting of Ferryside for the next exhibition.
This morning I had to go on the roof as there was a small leak coming in the central heating pipe.
This meant climbing out of a velux window over the pitched roof to the top where the pipe comes out. It is three stories high and I do not like heights. Now I believe that you should confront your demons and many, many years ago I left the ground in a Dragon Rapide biplane. Although this plane had been built in 1934 and was basically wood and cloth and not much else by the time it got to 2,000 ft I was firmly attached to it. I could see absolutely no good reason to leave it with a parachute strapped to my back. I did however climb out onto the wing, hold onto a strut, and then throw myself off. It was probably a defining moment in my life as although I had previously been afraid of heights at that point I was seriously terrified. Despite all the training (jumping from a box in an empty hanger) I managed to hit the concrete runway, land in a heap and cut my tongue, and knock myself senseless.
Maybe climbing on the roof isnt so bad on reflection.
Alex has been out all day with one of the grandchildren (she's a hero, okay heroine).
Tonight we have a meeting at Origin Dyfed an arts and craft co-operative we belong to.

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