Friday, 5 November 2010


Today I went to Brecon to take five paintings to a Gallery. Ian and Clare run the Ardent Gallery.
In actual fact they have recently opened a second gallery there. There are some lovely works and the lighting is really good. So if you are in Brecon they are a good place to visit. On the way down I was stuck behind a convoy of infantry coming off excercise. It was a miserable day and I bet they were glad to be heading back to the Infantry School in Derring Lines, Brecon.
The convoy reminded me of a commission I had done of an army officer, pictured above.
I had also stopped on the way to look at the village and church in Llywel on the edge of the Ranges. It would make a good painting and is added to my list of images I keep in my head as must do. Llywel is famous for an Ogham stone which was found there and is now in the British Museum. Apparently Ogham is an old Irish ? or Celtic language.
Alex has been very busy printing cards and framing.
Tomorrow I may get to start a painting before the rugby comes on!

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