Sunday, 7 November 2010

A day for Reflection

I received a phone call this morning with some sad news. A long time family friend had passed away. Ernie was 100yrs old and was still quite fit. I remember him with his stick and old hat walking the lanes around Knighton not ten years ago. He had farmed all his life and would joke that the ER emblazened in the hillside forestry above Knighton were his intitials (and not Elizabeth Regina). Ernie had apparently decided a few days ago that it was his time and told his family that he was going, although he was not ill. He passed away calmly with dignity and what more could anyone wish for after a long life. He will leave behind a bucket full of memories to those that knew him.
I do not have a painting of him but I thought the painting of Red Street in Carmarthen was quite suitable. This painting is in my own collection. There is something both poigniant and dignified in the way the older generation carry themselves. I find that they are a good subject and although not particulalry sale worthy I enjoy doing them for my own enjoyment. I have spent a couple of hours completing two paintings this morning and then had a trek around shops with Alex looking for a new rug!
Now Alex is placing Satin Wood on the scirting board with the same precision she cuts a 45 degree mitre.

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