Monday, 22 November 2010

Painting stroke by stroke

Okay well the day started not too well. Jac pictured above was sick on the carpet just as Alex called me for breakfast. I also had to go to the dentist with a root canal problem.. On the bright side I did a painting which turned out fine and Alex got a couple of paintings framed.
That being said I just heard Alex questioning Jac about having rolled in something?
Anyway the painting above is pretty unusual for me. I don't paint pets. In fact I generally don't paint anything I don't know. I do however know Jac therefore I am happy to paint him.
It is infinitely more difficult to paint anything well if you don't understand it. It is all very well seeing a picture of something and then painting it, but if you copy it and don't understand it then it will show.
In China there are whole villages copying paintings, brush stroke by brush stroke. Production line painting. There are obviously some excellent artists but it is, in many paintings all too clear that they have no idea what they are trying to represent.
For example there are paintings of Galleons which look totally wrong. Now I do paint sailing ships occasionally but I do have a working knowledge of the rigging and I have built and studied accurate models as well as having sailed a yacht for many years.
So what am I trying to say ?
Its better to stick to what you know.

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