Monday, 22 December 2014

Winter sunrise Towy Valley

The above painting depicting the sunrise over the Towy Valley in winter sold yesterday. It is a spectacular sight on a winters morning standing on the top of Penlanffos as the sun breaks in to the valley. I was really tempted to keep the painting but I have the image in my head anyway.

Yesterday our eldest daughter arrived with two young children. They are staying with us for a couple of days and have a room in the top of the house. This morning we had to be up early. The carpet man is coming to fit new carpet.  I was out in the dark walking the dogs. I then came back to help Alex empty our wardrobes ( a never ending task in Alex's case). Then we had to take out furniture and lift the old carpet. So it was with some annoyance that we heard the phone ring at five past seven. Alex left me to answer it uttering words something like:

"What idiot is phoning us up at this time in the morning?"

I then heard her laughing. Apparently it was our daughter ringing from upstairs. The door lock had disintegrated and she was locked in with two small children. Probably something akin to waterboarding!

Anyway I did finally agree to let them out but had to remove the doorstop and drive a large screwdriver between the door and door frame. The catch which was only about five years old was in bits, cheap alloy!

Alex has given me a list of jobs to do including repairing the door and catch, so likely no painting today.

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