Thursday, 18 December 2014

Our first Christmas.

This is a drawing I did a long time ago of Alex and our first dog. He was a Welsh Sheepdog cross and was pretty well behaved with the odd bout of devilish. We got him for nothing from a farm near Welshpool.

 When we were first married we had very little, a bed, second hand settee, a table and chairs from the sale room and curtains. No carpet, fridge, TV washing machine, wardrobe....We were also pretty scimpy when it came to food money so meat once a week in the form of sausages etc was always a pleasure. No doubt our dog thought the same.

Alex made a fantastic Christmas cake for our first Christmas and spent some time decorating it. So it was with some trepidation I told her that our dog had stolen it out of the kitchen and had consumed half of it before I could get to him in the garden. Anyway we still trimmed down what was left and re -iced it. The dog survived to steal a leg of lamb we had saved up for and had further adventures including jumping off the top of Montgomery Castle and falling some 60 feet with only a few cuts to show for it.

The old dog died many years ago. Alex hasn't changed much. She's still the boss.

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