Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Carreg Cennen and Happy Christmas

The above painting of Carreg Cennen Castle sold this week. A spectacular castle in a beautiful setting.

I was asked the other day who I would most like to meet if I could. Over the years I have dealt with and met a good number of personalities, royalty, politicians and media people.

I have also met a lot of interesting people. Sorry thats a bit unfair. I have a lot of time for Prince Charles ( I am not sure he feels the same about me!) also I couldn't hold a candle to a number of the others too. Of all of them I really liked David Blunkett.

Anyway who would I most like to meet. There are any number of artists who are now deceased Carravagio ( a real bad boy but a great painter),  Augustus John and Ford Maddox Brown to name but three. But I would kind of like to meet John Prescott. Why? Well he is a real character ( see link )
and I am sure he would be very entertaining and could give a very good inside account of British politics.

I am in Origin today Christmas Eve. To everyone who reads the blog, comes to our exhibitions may I wish you a very Merry Christmas.


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