Saturday, 13 December 2014

Towy Estuary

For obvious reasons I can't always show commissions on here particularly if they are presents. Well at least until they are given. The one above is a view of the Towy Estuary from the Cemetery in Ferryside and is particularly meaningful to the recipient.

The other day my eldest daughter turned up at school to drop off her son. A lady she hadn't met before approached her and said,
"Its nice to know someone else drives a skip as well."
Stunned silence.

It was very icy this morning first thing, so much so that for the first time in about 20 years  I didn't take the dogs out. I thought it would be pretty stupid as  knowing my luck I would probably break a leg or my neck . Anyway I must have annoyed Alex at breakfast as she said,
"Why don't you take the dogs for a walk but leave them here!"

Talking of doing stupid things. I saw George Phillips this week and he said I was always happy to poke fun at myself. Well that's true I don't take myself very seriously. Anyway getting back to stupid things my ageing brain sometimes lets me down. The other day I decided to make honeycomb to put with our ice cream pudding.

I boiled up sugar and golden syrup and added the bicarb. It was all looking good as I stirred the boiling sticky honeycomb with a wooden spoon. It was at this point my brain let me down as I decided to check the taste and stuck a blob on the end of my tongue. Children don't do this at home. A wooden spoon stuck to your tongue with boiling sugar is not for the feint hearted.

I didn't tell Alex as that would have been worse than the pain.

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