Friday, 26 December 2014

Gower Three Cliffs

The above painting reminds me of warmer days of the Gower at Three Cliffs. A stunning location where we camped at the top of the cliff looking into the bay. The painting sold this week. I have quite a lot of space on my walls now to fill. I have three commissions to do after Christmas and a fair bit of work for the next exhibition.

We had a lovely Christmas Day with our son and daughter in law. It was an old fashioned Christmas in the farmhouse. Plenty of good food and games including charades and the one where you stick a post it note on your head and have to guess  who you are. Two of the granddaughters gave a gymnastic display using the roof beams and doing every kind of tumbling routine on the floor from backward handsprings to one handed cartwheels. (They are excellent gymnasts).

So finally back home to relax and watch Downton. No thoughts of picking up the paint brushes yet but it wont be long. I am cooking today.

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