Friday, 19 December 2014

Christmas is upon us

Ah, Christmas is upon us. This morning as I opened the door to take the dogs out a pair of bright eyes looked at me out of the dark. The fox then turned and coolly trotted off down the road. The shell ducks have returned to the reservoir and we have long tailed tits and goldfinches on the bird table.

Jac is getting into the Christmas spirit as well. Alex likes to spend money at this time of year(and every other time as well to be truthful). Anyway she has placed the presents in a pile and has been steadily wrapping them each evening. The "little ones" ( 9 grandchildren) take pride of place in her thoughts and each present is carefully thought out. She has bought a little bear called "Oscar" in its own bag for one of them.

Last night Alex was heard to utter the cry of ,"Where's Oscar?"

I looked up to see her holding the empty bag and looking wildly around. Now I am not a genius but there were a only a few possibilities.

1. Oscar had done a runner rather than face his new life (possible but unlikely).
2. Alex had lost him. (Normally very likely but Oscar's bag was still there).
3. Jac had taken him out of his bag and abducted him. (Very likely as he has a habit of taking shoes and other items and burying them outside in the garden).

Alex looked at Jac and he seemed to wither under her gaze and sank further into his cushions on the settee (yes, he is a bit spoiled!). A search ensued and Oscar was located near the back door no worse for his adventure! Crisis over.

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