Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Prague Tram

Alex and I have been out in Prague for a few days to see my brother who is living out there.
It was cold but full of Christmas spirit. We had a good time going around the markets and being shown the sights. We didn't get to see the cubist museum which was closed (typical). The main museum and gallery was also closed for renovation which was also a pain but beer is 60p a pint so can't complain. Of all the beautiful buildings and sights I only managed a few sketches mainly of people or trams!

There were all nationalities in Prague and most seemed okay other than the odd British stag party. On one day I was a bit dissappointed when we saw a blind man stood at the side of the road clinging to a lamp post waiting to cross the busy road and being ignored by the passers-by. I crossed the road and brought him over and he said "Muzeum"  which I assumed was the underground station and we took him there and my brother put him on a train. My Czech consists of two words but my brother's is better so I hope we put him on the right train.

Anyway I really must get back to work I now have five commissions to do.

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