Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Painting of Gwili railway

The above painting is of the Gwili Railway and is sold. I have a real fascination with steam locos. originating from my boyhood and although I don't sell enough to warrant doing more than the odd picture I do enjoy doing them.

Ah nostalgia! To quote Franklin Adams "Nothing is more responsible for the good old days than a failing memory."

Today I have been preparing my boards for two commissions. It may sound fairly boring but there is more to it. The surface you paint on greatly effects the final picture. Do you want a highly detailed painting?  If so you need a very fine finish and I will sand out the primer very flat. In any case I at least triple prime my boards.  I utilise the brush marks in the primer within the painting so if there is a lot of sky my final brush marks may well be horizontal. If it is a rainy scene they may be vertical. They may even be a combination of the two if for example there is sky and  reflective water in the lower third.

You can see why I prepare my own surface for each individual painting in general. As such I need to have already mentally painted it before I even start.

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