Friday, 19 September 2014

Working in the boatyard

The other day Alex and I were walking into town to go for a well earned meal. Alex had dressed up and as we passed another couple the lady said to Alex "You look stunning."

Now my first thought was she was talking to me (not really). We didn't know them and I thought how nice and how spontaneous to say that. (Although I would not go saying that to a stranger myself).

It made Alex's night as she doesn't get dressed up that often and has worn work clothes a lot..
I mentioned before she worked in a boatyard and used to come home covered in bruises oil and smelling of diesel. However she did enjoy it and although the only female fitter in the yard never had any problems with the men. She had their total respect. When she left the yard to work with me they offered her, her own team and a pay rise to get her to stay but it was a long hard day with a lot of travelling.

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