Monday, 8 September 2014


For years we were a one car family. If I was way which was a lot then Alex had to walk to the shops or take the kids to school.. Eventually when the kids got older she got a job and bought herself her first car since we were married.

She went down to Pensarn in Carmarthen and bought an old VW Jetta. As she was driving it home the horn came on and stuck on. She didn't know what to do as there was nowhere to pull over. Cars in front of her started to pull onto the pavement and people were stopping to see what was happening clearly believing there was some sort of emergency.  In the end she just drove home with it on somewhat embarrassed and disconnected the horn when she got on the drive.

We found out when it rained you had to wear wellingtons as  the passenger side foot well filled with water, and we could see where it was getting in. Eventually we drilled a hole in the floor to let it out other than that it wasn't a bad car.

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