Saturday, 27 September 2014

Lowri Evans

I am not a member of Carmarthen Arts Society. (I am not really a person who likes being in societies and committees etc. Although I have given a talk to the society back in the day when I did do demonstrations and talks).

My mother in law is a member however and last night she arranged an evening of music and poetry reading. Well I was a bit perturbed that it clashed with the rugby on TV, but when I got there I have to say it was a really great evening. I am not a connoisseur of poetry but I was very happy with what I heard. There was Izzy an unaccompanied singer who was also excellent. Then there was Lowri Evans
with Lee. They should not be singing in the Carmarthen Quinns Club they should be filling large venues. Lowri has a haunting voice similar to Alison Kraus but as far as I am aware Alison Kraus doesn't sing in Welsh. Superb performance and a real unexpected treat. Thanks Norma for arranging it.

Anyway judge for yourself. The song is about the death of her grandfather.

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