Friday, 12 September 2014

Sods Law

I came across the above photo the other day it is of Alex on the Welshpool Light railway. 

It reminded me of a story I was told by Pat Cochrane a real gentleman from Newtown. He had been a fireman on the Llanfair Caerienion Light Railway before it was shut by British Rail. He told me that one day the driver let him have a go at driving the train while shunting goods. Guess what he de-railed it. He couldn’t believe it and neither could the driver. The driver was in a spot because he couldn’t say that he had let an unauthorised person drive it so he had to take the blame.

I understand they had to call a crane from Wolverhampton to come and get it back on the rails. He didn't get a second chance to drive a train.

This is for me another fine example of “If it can happen it will happen!” or "Sods Law"

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