Saturday, 13 September 2014


The drawing above is of Solva and was used as the basis for a large painting which has now sold. I do use a ruler for nice straight lines when doing a cartoon like this particulalry if it involves something like a boats mast or the roof of a house. The straight lines are also a nice foil to the curves of nature.
There is a pool  of relatively deep water at the entrance to Solva with good holding for an anchor where it is possible to remain afloat at all states of the tide. This is quite advantageous as it allows you to go at any time also it is free as opposed to the moorings inside Solva itself. The pool is reasonably sheltered except in a Southerly Wind.

Alex and I were asleep here one night on our boat when we were awoken by a phone call from our two daughters both of whom we love dearly and are very intelligent? They had set out by car to visit my mother in law in Sutton Coldfield and had apparently got lost.
“Hello Dad?”
“We are lost in Birmingham somewhere. How do we get to Mother in Law’s”
“Right have you passed any landmarks?”
“Yes hang on Dad there is a Texaco Garage on our left.”
What do you say? “Very helpful?” Holding back I said,
“I tell you what. Go in there and ask where you are and ask for directions.”

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