Thursday, 25 September 2014

Thomas Street Cirencester- Abandoned Sketch

When we go to Cirencester in the camper we tend to walk into the Town most days. Then I have a choice. Jac and I can go around the clothes, wool and sewing shops with Alex or we can go for a walk and do some sketching. To be specific Jac doesn't do any sketching but he is pretty good sat waiting for ten minutes or so.

Anyway the above sketch is of Thomas Street in Cirencester where there is the old St. Thomas hospital (the oldest secular building in Cirencester -1483). I had stopped on a street corner with sketchbook in my hand and Jac sat fairly quietly at my feet. I was five minutes into the sketch when an old lady stopped for a chat.

People paint for different reasons, for a living, for pleasure or both. I meet a lot of people who paint for pleasure and social reasons. They enjoy going to a weekly class meeting people chatting and producing a watercolour... This lady was in this category. We had passed a very pleasant time chatting about art in general in fact time passed so quickly it was time to get off and meet Alex before I knew it and I didn't really finish the sketch, just abandoned it.

Link well the only reason I picked this is because it was on my Dansette Record Player as I was typing this.

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