Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Art for arts sake

Last night I attended a meeting of the local co-operative. We had an application from a new artist to join us. He was an abstract artist and because my work is very much in the traditional genre of realism I think some people made assumptions about my reaction.

In fact I have done an amount of abstract paintings and post modernism work and am reasonably knowledgable on the subject. This includes working with computer generated images, an example of which is shown above of Guidhall Square, Carmarthen. But everything comes full circle and I am fully at home in my traditional genre.
To quote Graham Sutherland, "Be true to yourself and nature."

Anyway I can appreciate all forms of art but I have strong views about poor quality work (of whatever genre) or "work" that is passed off as art by people who should know better. You can call a wheel barrow a Rolls Royce but at the end of the day it is still a wheel barrow.

Oh yes, as for the artist last night I liked his work. The name James Morgan Taylor

Link James Taylor

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