Monday, 22 September 2014


We recently went in our camper to the Cotswolds. We inevitably took the scrabble board. I am not very competitive and frankly don't care if I win or lose but I am sure it keeps the brain plodding along. Alex takes things quite seriously and usually wins which explains why I have time to do a drawing of her while she is working out her go!!

When we arrived at the site Alex went to plug in our electricity at an electric point behind the camper. She told me that our neighbour had plugged into ours and we didn't have a socket.

" No problem." I said. I promptly went off to the site office to complain and came back with the warden in tow. He went over to the mains pole and said,
"Yes, you see on this pole we have three sockets two are being used and one is empty, so whats wrong with this one?"

"Err. Sorry." Embarrassed from Carmarthen.

Behind him I could see Alex grinning!!

I don't normally need any help to show myself up.

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