Friday, 5 September 2014

Family Combination

As I haven’t done any painting for a few days  I thought it might be worth posting this charming picture. It shows my Uncle Don seated on the bike with my grandmother and my father in the sidecar. I am not certain but I think it is a Norton 1926 four speed 588 OHV outfit. My Uncle Don was very keen on motorcycles and eventually opened up his own garage. I believe the outfit showed here belonged to my grandfather who probably took the picture. He was a bit of a lad. He had worked in a jewellers before he left for South America in 1912 on the SS Mauritania travelling on a passport under a different name! Anyway enough said.

I remember when you had to put a parking light on your combo or car at night. If you didn’t a policeman would call and tell you to get it done! Also when it was cold you put an oil lamp under the sump to keep the oil viscous. I’m not sure if it was the good old days but they were certainly different.

(Our son Martin has now gone into the car business starting "Martin's Motors" buying and selling cars so he is following in the footsteps of my Uncle. So if you are after a good used car in Carmarthen....07719 068540)

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