Saturday, 14 June 2014

Towy Valley

Last night Alex and I picked up two of the grandchildren from gymnastics and then drove them home via Llandeilo and the Towy Valley. It was a stunning evening. Coming down to Llandeilo you could see Carreg Cennen Castle in the distance standing proud in the last of the days sun.

On the turn off for Golden Grove you could see Dinefwr Castle siloutted against a very pale blue sky with hints of pink and red. Then overlooking it all towards Carmarthen could be seen Paxtons Tower a beacon pointing home. We had chosen this route because of roadworks on the A48, thank you to whoever it was that decided to cause mayhem and have roadworks on the the weekend. We had a lovely evenings drive. That being said the main A40 road was blocked at Nantgarredig as we came upon some calves loose on the road. It was a bit chaotic with people herding them towards a field entrance and then the police arrived.

One of my old sergeants used to say, "He has never seen a situation so bad that it couldn't be made worse by the arrival of a police officer." ( I think he may have been quoting Georg Bernard Shaw but I am not sure). Well I was pleased to see them arrive as it was a bad spot and they stopped the traffic and the calves were quickly put in a field. Excitement over.

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