Saturday, 21 June 2014


Yes Alex is getting on well she has been framing at a pace. We haven't sold much in the way of original work this last month but we have been selling framed prints etc. She has also been kept busy making cards. Framing itself is a real pain you get faults in the moulding, glass, mount board which all adds up to wastage. A microscopic fleck under the glass will mean taking it all apart and starting again. Alex is excellent a real perfectioinist, but we had to stop framing for other artists and the public as it just wasn't worth the money or effort and to be fair Alex was snowed under with work.

Of course every time I finish a painting it gets added to her framing list which is still quite long but is steadily reducing.

Anyway for me today is a quick trip to the gym then watch the rugby and a barbeque.

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