Friday, 13 June 2014

On Days like these

I intended to get some painting done today and in particular finish Nunney Castle. My studio is in the top of the house and today it was, warm dare I say, hot. I decided it was not going to happen. I went to the gym and then did work outside that was long overdue, so at least my conscience was clear.

It is on days days like these that I remember lolling about at anchor in the sun on our sailing yacht. One of our favourite anchorages was Castle Beach at the mouth of the Haven. I kept my watercolours on the yacht and did countless pictures and sketches from the cockpit all gone now for the most part. The watercolour above is of Castle Beach Bay. As I recall it was never framed and was cleared out long ago.

Tomorrow I am in the gallery and intend to be home in time to watch the rugby!

Link;  Well it is Matt Monro, but today having seen a photo of James Hetfield of "Metalica" standing over the the body of a grizzly with his rifle (courtesy of John Cox, no relation who summed it up perfectly)  I thought this was appropriate. Born Free

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