Thursday, 19 June 2014

Carreg Cennen Stage 2

The next stage of Carreg Cennen is shown above. The distant hills have been blocked in with coloured greys and little contrast. It takes a bit of imagination to see where its going but by painting like this you do have the flexibility to change the composition if you need to. Anyway trust me it will be fine.

Yesterday I had to put in some plants in the garden that had been given to us. Jac and I went into the garden I had been instructed where to put them by my better half.. I went around digging the holes and bedding the plants in with compost. I got the last one in then went to get the hose. I took the hose to the first plant I had put in.

Gone. Just a hole and dirt. I looked at Jac he looked at me innocently but unfortunately for him he had forgotten about the forensics. No need to call in CSI. He had mud all over his nose.
He had followed me around and dug up the plants as soon as I had put them in!

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