Monday, 16 June 2014

Nunney Castle in Carmarthen

I have finally finished my painting of Nunney Castle in Carmarthen. I have taken over a week or so to do it but I have been doing other things as well. Anyway there it is. I moved the stand pipe away from the hose reel as it was a bit confusing.

I have included myself in the crowd along with three grandchildren and Alex in the background. The reason I did this? Well it is easier making up pictures of people if you already know what they look like, and in any case I may keep it? I was tempted to put someone on the trackside talking to the driver in the cab but thought that might detract from the Loco itself? Anway in the event I didn't.

(The Loco is hauling the "Southern Irishman" to Fishguard.)

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