Monday, 23 June 2014

A trip in the dark.

We have got quite a lot of things to do over the next few days so Alex is pretty busy trying to finish things off as well as keep on top of the paperwork. Next job tax returns.

I was reminded by Alex that we still haven't received the money owing from an outlet from 3 years ago, which is a bit disappointing. I think we will have to write that one off and put it down to experience.

I recall one dark wet windy night when we were in our bunks on our boat at anchor when our old dog decided he needed to go ashore. I got up and put on oilskins pulled the tender alongside and got in with the dog. It was quite a lumpy sea which was going up and down and the rain was nearly horizontal. It wasn't really ideal conditions to row ashore. Anyway I had no choice and we set off with a strong outgoing tide. The tide was dragging large islands of seaweed with it. All of a sudden the dog leapt out of the dinghy onto a patch of seaweed and disappeared beneath it in the water. It was a worrying minute or so but although it was pretty dark I did manage to get hold of him and grab him back into the boat. He had probably mistaken the seaweed for land in his need to get ashore.

I suppose it shows that things are not always what they seem to be. This applies in respect of the art business as well. You can only go on your own experience not impressions.

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