Thursday, 1 August 2013

Visit to the Doctors.

The picture above is quite appropriate to today. It has been a lovely warm day one of the warmest apparently.
Anyway I relented and went to the Doctors. I like watching people and mentally drawing them.
The people in the waiting room were dressed in shorts sandals and tee shirts even the wrinklies.
I had the strange suspicion they were all staring at me. To be fair I was wearing shirt, jumper, Harris Tweed Coat, and woolen cap. I was still bloody frozen. The last time I went to the doctors they bled you and used leeches so I was surprised to get away lightly. Dr Ruth is the family doctor but it is difficult to see her as she is so popular. I saw another lady who was excellent.
I was shaking too much to paint today. Alex was out regarding commissions so I curled up in front of the TV watching The Ashes.

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