Tuesday, 13 August 2013


I have finally made a start back at my easel. I did the painting of Sorrento today. The photographic image is not quite right (which is why I am a painter and not a photographer) well its not right  on my screen anyway but the painting itself does capture that strong Mediterranean light. I was considering painting from the land looking out to sea with Vesuvius in the background but the cliffs and hotels are iconic and definitely Sorrento so when I picked up the brush that's the way I went.

I love Sorrento. When we went many years ago we landed at Naples. At the time the arrivals was an old aircraft hanger something left over from the second world war. Naples itself is not somewhere I would wish to spend a lot of time either. The Amalfi Coast is spectacular though and I would love to go again one day.

We have the grandchildren again today so getting back to normality.

Link its perfect

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