Friday, 9 August 2013


Well okay I am "back in the room" and am able to function on a basic level. It seems I caught a rare bacterial infection whilst away resulting in Pneumonia. The registrar believes it was Legionella and is having samples taken to verify this or otherwise. Call it what you like. It is a nasty piece of work. I had been carrying it several days as it got worse finally hitting me like a steam train. I ended up being admitted to West Wales Hospital with a temp over 40C. So yes I have seen enough hospital beds for a while. I was pumped full of antibiotics and things got pretty hazy after that.

What I can say is that there is currently a huge amount of criticism of the NHS. Well as far as I can see NHS is alive and well in West Wales. The nurses were caring, efficient always on their feet chatting to the patients and ensuring the elder ones of us got plenty of water or fed them by hand if needed. 

The Doctors were brilliant and I can't think of a place that wasn't cleaned every day, beds, rails floors...
I can say that the CDU and Padarn Ward are very efficiently run from this patients viewpoint. (I admit I chose an extreme method to go under cover to obtain this information.)

I can't talk for long as I lose my voice, (Alex isn't complaining) and I am quite weak. I need to sleep for a few hours during the day but every day I am getting better and try a little bit more. I have been told it may take up to 4 weeks for a full recovery, (there's a challenge) I can't see me doing an oil painting for a little while. I did the little sketch above today.

Thank you to all of you for your kind messages and wishes and thanks to all at Glangwili~ West Wales Hospital.
Diolch yn fawr i chi gyd

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