Saturday, 3 August 2013

Tanker Dublin Bay

Through the morning mist a small coastal tanker is outlined in Dublin Bay. Simple but effective.
Maybe a bit like me. Anyway I like simple in watercolours as I am always saying and this is literally mix up the wash and cover the whole page before it dries, 60 seconds. It dries in this weather in about 90 seconds meantime I am mixing the purple grey for the silhouette of the tanker. Add that in one go 60 second. Darken the bridge and living quarters before it dries 15 seconds.  Add the reflection 10 seconds. Sharpen the outline and detail where necessary 10 seconds. Finished, just as well as it is now pretty much out of sight.
Yes, don't ask, today is still Groundhog Day still go that high temperature and other afflictions but I am getting used to them now!

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